Details and Maps for the Cooper Basin

Asset Map for the Cooper-Eromanga Basin in South-Western Queensland:

Bridgeport holds 887 km² of net oil producing acreage in nine production projects located in the Cooper-Eromanga Basin.

PL 31: Bodalla South, PL 32: Kenmore, PL 47: Black Stump, PL 256: Bargie and PLs 482/3/4: Marcoola, Coolum & Byrock oil fields - 586 km² total, 100% interest (except PL 256 Bargie: 93.90%)
Purchased in late 2016 from Beach Energy, these producing fields are located on the southeastern flank of the Cooper Basin in southwest Queensland.
As part of the pre-acquisition due diligence, a number of workover candidates were identified that provide the Company with cost-effective production add-ons. The Bodalla and Kenmore fields are covered by good quality 3D seismic data and have an excellent well data base. Once Bridgeport has undertaken further technical review, we expect to mature behind pipe development opportunities and intra-field prospects for drilling.

PL 98: Inland Oil Field 40 km² total, 100% interest
Bridgeport is the sole interest holder and is the operator of the Inland oil field. The field is currently producing oil from the Hutton Sandstone, with minor contribution from a sand in the Lower Birkhead. Infill development wells are being planned along with further development of the Birkhead, Murta and Namur units as secondary oil reservoirs. Bridgeport owns producing infrastructure; a facility capable of storing up to 3,000 barrels of oil, inventory and access roads. This lease area is located northwest of the township of Windorah in southwestern Queensland.

PL 214: Utopia Oil Field 220 km² total, 100% interest
The Utopia oil field resides in PL 214, which is located southeast of the township of Eromanga in southwestern Queensland. Utopia was the cornerstone investment when Bridgeport commenced operations. The field presently produces at a stable rate and the facility is not normally manned. Bridgeport, as operator, continues to undertake oil field development activities, including; work-over activities and infill development drilling. Two of the most recent wells (U-19 & U-20) fall into the higher performing category of production wells on the field. In addition to the oil reserves contained in the lease, Bridgeport owns and manages equipment inventory, producing infrastructure and access roads. The Company has now drilled 14 development wells in PL 214 and has acquired approximately 90 km² of 3D seismic data across the field.

PL 303: Cuisinier Oil Field 64 km² total, 15% interest
Bridgeport holds a 15% interest in the Cuisinier field located on the northern flank of the Cooper Basin in southwest Queensland. The field is operated by Santos. Besides the producing interest, Bridgeport has contracted rights to sell its crude via the Santos network to Port Bonython, SA. This lease area is 64 km² and is located approximately 15 km west of the Cook Facility, also operated by Santos and through which Cuisinier crude is reticulated.

ATP 1189: Jackson/Naccowlah Area 1,477 km² total, 2% interest
Bridgeport holds 2% interest in exploration tenement ATP 1189 and 23 petroleum leases in the vicinity of the Jackson production facility, all operated by Santos. Besides the oil producing interests, Bridgeport holds 5% equity in the Jackson oil truck loading facility which allows the company to transport its own crude cost-effectively.

In addition to its producing assets, Bridgeport holds net exploration acreage totaling 8,679 km² in a substantial portfolio of exploration tenements across the Cooper-Eromanga Basin:

ATP 752: Barta/Wompi Blocks 1,100 km² total, 15%/17.5% interest
Bridgeport holds a 15% non-operated interest in the Barta Block which is operated by Santos and is adjacent to the Cuisinier oil field in PL 303. The block contains a number of attractive oil prospects that are being evaluated by the acquisition of high density 3D seismic data, which will be followed by the drilling of at least one exploration well.
The joint venture is also presently investigating exploitation options for the Nubba gas discovery (PCA 155) in the Wompi block with a view to establishing production after appraising the gas discovery. Both Barta and Wompi blocks are located in the Cooper Basin of southwest Queensland.

ATP 2025 & 2026: Various Blocks2,035 km² total, 65%-88% interest
These permits comprise the Barcoo and Barcoo Junction sub-blocks, that are located on the northeastern flank of the Cooper Basin in southwest Queensland. In 2015 Bridgeport recorded the Barcoo Junction 3D seismic survey, which was followed up by the drilling of the Obelix-1 oil discovery well in ATP 2026. ATP 2025 contains the Moothandella oil discoveries and together with ATP 2026, both permits are the subject of 10 potential commercial area applications (PCAs). Eight of the PCAs specifically aim to appraise and commercialise the Toolebuc Shale play.

ATP 9482,007 km², 100% interest
This tenement is adjacent to the Bargie oil field in southwest Queensland and overlies the southern portion of the Canaway Ridge and the associated flank areas on both sides of the Ridge. Airborne acquisition of transient electromagnetic data has been processed and interpreted and identified areas of interest are undergoing seismic data reprocessing prior to designing a 2D seismic data acquisition program.

ATP 736, ATP 737 & ATP 7386,400 km² total, 45% interest
These three exploration permits were granted to Senex and Bridgeport in 2015. Technical studies, including play based exploration, are now underway to assess the oil and gas potential of these tenements that are located in the northeast sector of the Cooper Basin, in southwest Queensland. The forward exploration program includes; airborne geophysical surveying and 2D seismic acquisition, which will be carried out in conjunction with selected seismic reprocessing in order to identify resource potential that could lead to future drilling activity.

ATP 2022, ATP 2023 & ATP 20241,296 km² total, 100% interest
Bridgeport, being the preferred bidder for these three application areas, has accepted the offer of award. Following the Native Title process, Bridgeport is expected to be granted the permits in 2018.

PEL 630: Playford Blocks393 km² total, 50% interest
This exploration tenement, operated by Beach Energy, comprises two blocks and is located on the prospective western flank of the Cooper Basin in northeastern South Australia. The western block contains Eromanga oil potential that could be trapped in Birkhead channel sands and Namur structural traps, which are on trend with a number of other oil discoveries on the western flank. The eastern block is adjacent to gas fields and is proximal to existing gas infra-structure. The entire area of PEL 630 has been covered by high quality 3D seismic data, which is being used to identify oil and gas drilling targets for future testing.
Beach is planning to drill two wells in the gas-prone eastern block in 2018.

PELA 6411,950 km², 100% interest
Bridgeport has completed Native Title negotiations with the traditional landowners as part of the standard State agreement process. Grant of the tenement to Bridgeport is expected in 2018. This tenement has both conventional oil and gas potential plus unconventional gas targets.