Bridgeport has a governance and organisational framework that fosters accountability, transparency and the highest ethical and business standards within the company.

Our management systems, policies and procedures have been designed to promote best practice governance and corporate responsibility. Some of our policies can be downloaded or viewed here.

Joint venture participants, contractors and government agencies want to do business with a company that they can trust and employees want to work for a company that they respect and can rely upon. Local communities, external stakeholders and suppliers want to engage with a company that will deliver practical solutions to social, economic and environmental concerns. This corporate responsibility is a key driver of Bridgeport's business focus and underpins what we do from day-to-day. Our strategy has a long-term focus, which means corporate responsibility is integrated into and aligned with our business model and operating plans.

As an operator of petroleum projects we have control over how we run and manage all of our activities. We work hard to operate using best practice methods and conduct work in accordance with our stated commitments and policies. In areas of our non-operated portfolio of assets, we always use our best endeavours to align the joint venture with industry standards.

The significant expansion of our production from 2011 onwards and a growing exploration program will increase our environmental footprint. This has focused our thoughts on managing and mitigating the potential impacts of our operations at every stage of a project's lifecycle. We do this through impact assessments, robust and wise operational control and effective risk management.

The health and safety of our workers, contractors and those around us is paramount. To support this position, our operating documentation has been prepared to best practice levels in the industry, is regularly audited and our staff regularly review our health, safety and environment (HSE) practices to ensure that we identify any areas for improvement and take appropriate remedial action.

During our transition from explorer to production operator, we are dealing with additional responsibilities to landholders and the environment. We have a strong commitment to all stakeholders and the environment that we work in. Whether undertaking seismic, drilling or production operations, we work closely with all relevant stakeholders (current and traditional landholders and government agencies) to ensure that gaining access to land for petroleum operations is properly conducted and environmental risks are well understood and managed utilising recognised and transparent best industry practices. We understand that oil and gas resources generate new opportunities for long-term economic and social development, creating shared prosperity for all, but this process has to be harmonious with landholders and the shared environment.