Details and Maps for the Surat Basin

Asset Map for the Surat Basin in South-Central Queensland:

Bridgeport holds 201 km² of producing assets in the Surat Basin. Additional permits and two PCAs with prior oil discoveries are held, amounting to a further 477 km² of exploration and appraisal upside in proven, but non-producing oil.

PL 1: Moonie Oil Field201 km² total, 100% interest
PL 1, the first petroleum lease in Queensland is located in the eastern Surat Basin of southeast Queensland, was acquired by Bridgeport from Santos in Dec 2015. The Moonie field, operated by Bridgeport is presently producing at steady rate. Bridgeport is presently remediating a number of wells and flowlines in the field and has identified undeveloped oil potential that the company will be pursuing as part of its enhanced oil recovery project after the completion of technical studies, including detailed reservoir modelling. In addition Bridgeport acquired the Cabawin field, which contains undeveloped gas and liquids resources.

ATP 608/PCA 156229 km² total, 100% interest
The area of PCA 156 contains the Rookwood oil field, which produced oil on extended test from the Boxvale member prior to being shut-in by the prior operator. The field is surrounded by four satellite structures that together form an attractive complex with significant oil potential. The potential commercial area (PCA) provides the necessary time frame to appraise and develop the area’s oil resources.

ATP 805/PCA 161153 km² total, 100% interest
This asset contains the Donga oil field, which produced oil on test from the basal Moolayember Formation when operated by Bow Energy prior to being shut-in. 3D seismic over the Donga-Binneanna structures was acquired in 2015 and drilling opportunities on the flank of the structure have been identified. Based on the recovery of oil from the Donga-3 well, a PCA has been granted.